Thank you for contributing......Now please read this very short message

On behalf of our resident “stringer”, Metro Mike, or MT Klassen as you might known him, I am sending everyone his deepest appreciation for supporting his passion of getting unbiased breaking news out as quickly as possible.

Some of you are already learning how to post replies to Mike’s news alerts, and he appreciates that…especially when he requests information from users/members about certain cases. Mike would also like to let you all know that you are also free to post news, or even suspicious activity in your neighborhood. Don’t worry if your post is not perfect, because we have volunteers assisting in mapping the addresses you provide. They will also move your post to a category where others may more easily locate it, too. So, we have your back!

So, wade in and get your feet wet. You may see something in your neighborhood or out and about that others need to know about!

Thank you for reading,
Mike’s I.T. guy (also his trusty sidekick)


Thank you for bringing us Metro News I always come to your FB 1st. :blush:

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Thanks ABQ LorI.
I appreciate your Continued Support over the Years. It means a lot to know that Posting Real News as Opposed to what Mainstream Media often Posts is so Widely Received by so many. I’d like to Think I’m somehow making a Difference in How News is Presented.
Thanks Again.
MT Klassen