Suspicious Situation at APD Main. 7/2/19 @ 1830hrs

AFR has been Dispatched to the Albuquerque Police Dept. Main at 4th & Roma.
This is in Reference to a Suspicious Situation, Person, or Vehicle.
At this time, Although Available, I have Chosen not to Divulge Additional Information due to the Nature and Severity of this Situation.
Nothing has been Substantiated at this time, Just Suspicious in Nature.
At such time it is Made Clear that A Threat No Longer Exisits. I will release additional Information.
MT Klassen


1930 hrs. Update on Suspicious Situation at APD Main.
At or Around 1800 hrs, APD Apprehended an unknown Number of Suspects in a Silver Van at the Main Police Station at 4th & Roma.
At somepoint during the Apprehension, One or more Threatened to Explode a Devise located inside the Van, Located at the Main Station.
AFR was then Requested to Stand By, strictly as a Precautionary Measure.
After an In-depth Investigation and Search of the Vehicle, No Explosives of any Nature were located.
There was no release of information as to the Suspects Name or other Pertinent Information.
As the Time of this Post, AFR was Released from Stand By and Returned to Regular Service.
At this time it’s safe to Assume A Threat No Longer Exists.