Stabbing at NE Heights Apartment complex 6/24/19 @ 2140 hrs

APD is Responding to a Stabbing at the Aztec Village Apt. Complex on Montgomery. NE.
The Victim, A Male, is Suffering from a Stab Wound to the Chest and one to the Neck. Bleeding Moderately. Concious, Breathing.
No Offender Information at this time.
AFR, EMS Responding.

1400 hrs. I have Received Additional and More Detailed Information regarding this Stabbing from an Eyewitness that was on the Scene. As a Matter of Ethics and Confidentiality, I am awaiting Confirmation and Approval before Re-posting the Entire Statement.
Thank You Everyone for your understanding in this Matter.
MT Klassen

Update on Stabbings at NE Heights Apt. Complex.
I recently Received an Eyewitness Account of the Stabbing that took place Yesterday at the Aztec Village Apartment Complex.
Here is the Messege sent in it’s Entirety.
I’m not 100% sure whether the people lived in Jefferson or Aztec but the young girl who stabbed the man was running & stopped in front of my building , she claimed she was trying to obtain her id from her sisters boyfriend , he starting attacking her so she stabbed him , he ran away and was picked up by some of his friends and the cops crashed into the car to grab him , she was handcuffed with blood on her body and the knife still in her hand , the police chased her for about 5 minutes until she gave up . We were told to go back inside so I’m not sure what happened after they cuffed & questioned her.
Thanks to Aysja Alexander, One of our many Dedicated Followers of ABQ MERO NEWS for this Valuable Update.

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