Prisoner Escapes while being Transported. To Jail 7/11/19 @ 1300 hrsl

Shortly before 1300 hrs, A Prisoner Escaped Custody while being Transported to The Metropolitan Detention Center.
This occured on the Road Leading to the Jail, Just Sth of Central and Paseo Del Vulcan.
It Appears, The Prisoner managed to Slip out of his Handcuffs, Then Assaulted another Prisoner, severely Lacerating his Cheek.
The Prisoner then Escaped Custody and Fled in an Unknown Direction. Additional APD Units were immediately Dispatched to The scene.
A Perimeter has been Established.
AFR. Was Dispatched to Treat the Injured Prisoner.
At this time, At least One Prisoner is Outstanding.

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Paseo Del Vulcan is actually Atrisco Vista BL now.

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Update Correction.
I had Initially Listed the Street Paseo Del Vulcan. The actual Street name should be Atrisco Vista.
My Apologies for that Error.