Female Hanging over San Mateo/ i-40 Overpass 6/7/19 1810hrs

An Unidentified Female is Reportedly Hanging over the San Mateo Overpass on the E/B Side of I-40.
APD Responding.
At this time, No Reports of any Closures.
MT Klassen

Does anyone know how she was hanging? Like she hung herself or she fell and was hanging on by her hands…

Good Question,
APD Radio Dispatched it as a Female Hanging over the Railing or Bridge. They didn’t specify how she was Hanging. However buy the way it was dispatched, along with the Type or Priority of Dispatch it sounded as though she was Hanging over the Railing
Not Deceased or Hanging by her Neck by Rope.
Thanks for rhe Question. Good One for sure.

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Awesome. Thanks for letting me know!