Explosion at ABQ Landmark Motel in Nob Hill 7/26/19 @ 2030 hrs

I’m on the Scene at the Hiway House Motel at 3200 Central SE.
A Short time ago AFR , APD. Responded to Reports of an Explosion in the Rear of the Motel.
Upon Arrival, AFR Located a Corner of the Motel had Suffered Extensive Damage due to an Explosion. One Corner had Collapsed.
At least 2 people suffered Minor Injuries. It’s unclear how many Residents have been Displaced.
Source’s Close to the Scene Advised the Explosion was caused by Oxygen Tanks in one of the Rooms. The Source of Ignition has not been confirmed however it’s possible it was caused by a Lit Cigarette or other Flamable Source.
Video’s to Follow shortly.
Will Update as more information becomes Available.
MT Klassen

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