Enable Push Notifications to Your Android

Enable Live Notifications!
If you see what we share to Facebook, great! However, unless you enable notifications you will not hear about the follow-up alerts to those big news stories. Wait, what?

So where are the follow-up news alerts found? The follow-up news is posted below the initial news alert on this site. Use your Facebook login to log into this site and read the follow-up story we alert you about via the notification you receive. Not every news alert gets follow-up alerts, but the stories you care about often have follow-up alerts added to them.

So what’s the big deal about follow-up news alerts? If you want to know about that criminal who was caught, the suspect who was finally identified, the structure fire that spread to other buildings, or the victim who tragically died, you may not hear about it right away unless you enable push messages here.

So why not just show the “click here to enable notifications” message every time someone visits the site? We do not like to pester people with endless requests for users to enable notifications. Therefore, you will have to enable messages yourself, as well as determine which messages you want to receive.

Which devices will receive notifications? Watch the short tutorial to learn how to enable push notifications on your Android phone or tablet. We will work on getting notifications to I-phones and I-pads as soon as we can.com-resize