Aggravated Assault/ Armed Robbery at Eastside Convience Store. 7/10/19 @ 1440 hrs

APD, AFR, Enroute to a 7-11 Store on Copper NE, Just West of Tramway.
This Call initially came in as an Assault on an Individual however, Upon Arrival by 1st APD Units on scene, It was actually an Assault/ Armed Robbery to an Individual.
The Offenders Assaulted the Individual to the Head with an Unknown Object, Absconded with an Undetermined amount of Cash, and were Last seen Headed towards Tramway.
The Offenders are Described as Hispanic Males, Late Teens to Early 20’s, clothing, Additional information still being Processed.
The Victim has been Transported to UNMH suffering from Head Trama, Conscious, Breathing.
Will Update as more information becomes available.