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Stolen Vehicles This category is where you would report vehicles stolen or recovered. Please use tags to identify the make, model, class, and year of manufacture. For questions regarding car classes (“sedan”, “coupe”, etc.), please check out this article we like: Tags help us match your report to other reports that might be related. What if the car you are reporting as stolen is later reported here as found? Tags help us match the two. Animals Use this category to report animals that are lost, found, in danger, abused/neglected, or even those that are posing a danger to others. Keep in mind that the pet you have lost and are anxious to find might be the same animal another is reporting as having found, or even posing a danger to others somewhere. The most effective method we have for matching your topic or post to that of another user is with the use of tags. When you select tags that describe the animal you are reporting or its behavior, similar posts or topics (if they exist) can be found in the search bar above. Places If you know more or less WHERE something occurred, but you do not have a description of the person, vehicle, or even animal involved, this is the category. Examples include shots fired, someone screaming in a terrified manner, the sound of a cat stuck in a storm drain, animal “hording”, the sound of a car crash nearby, or even a report of an unresponsive individual on the ground (“down and out”). This category is also useful for reporting buildings or vacant land where there is “squatting”, drug trafficking, or other unusual or concerning activity. Once you have more information about subject(s) involved, come back and identify them with narrative and tags. Missing Persons This category is for resolving local missing persons cases. You can post a new missing persons topic, post helpful comments or questions about existing missing persons topics, or link to topics in other categories that potentially mention the same incident, vehicle, suspect, etc. The most important thing you can do to help match your report with reports others have made that might be related is by adding tags to your topic describing the person missing, the perpetrator (if known), vehicles involved (if known), or any other information. This forum’s search bar uses a special tool that tries to match similar topics and posts based on the tags applied. Someone reported missing in this category might have been reported behaving suspiciously in another category. Please also check out another tool for finding missing persons, Suspects In this category, you may report anyone you suspect of committing a crime. This category is different from “suspicious persons” in that a crime is being alleged in this category. Please describe the alleged crime, as well as the suspect in the narrative of the topic. Then use the tags to select alleged crime and description of the suspect. Tags help us match your report to other reports that might be related. What if the person you are reporting has done this before?! Roads This category is for reporting road conditions. Road conditions can include a vehicle accident, snow-packed roads, or anything drivers would want to know about the road ahead of them. Please use the tags to identify the road condition most closely matching what you are reporting. Suspicious Vehicles If you see a vehicle that you think is suspicious, this is the place to report it. If the vehicle is clearly already involved in the commission of a crime, please report it in the category “Suspects”. If you want to report a vehicle as stolen, report it in the “Stolen Vehicles” category. No matter which category you use to report the vehicle, the most important step is to identify the make, model, class, and year of manufacture of the vehicle. You can do this using the “optional tags”. Tags enable us to match your report of a suspicious vehicle with another person’s report of their stolen vehicle. Suspicious Persons This category is where members can discuss persons who are behaving suspiciously. The “suspicious” persons have not been observed committing a crime (yet). If the persons have been observed committing a crime, then the more appropriate category to discuss the person’s behavior would have been the “suspects”.
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About the Albuquerque Metropolitan category 2 April 16, 2019
Female Gives Birth @ Local Park. 7/22/19 @ 0010 hrs. 1 July 22, 2019
SWAT CALL on Westside. 7/19/19 @ 1155 hrs 4 July 22, 2019
Jumper on Pedestrian Bridge to UNM Hospital 7/20/19 @ 2300 hrs 1 July 21, 2019
Vehicle Into Tree in Nth Valley 7/20/19 @ 1715 4 July 20, 2019
Body Found Hanging in Tree in SE Area 7/20/19 @ 1625 hrs. 1 July 20, 2019
Child Reported Drowning in Pool 7/20/19 @ 1620 hrs 1 July 20, 2019
Vehicle Crash Under Semi, Both on Fire, Entrapment 7/20/19 @ 1345 hrs. 1 July 20, 2019
Multiple Semi Crash on I-40 7/20/19 @ 1300 hrs 1 July 20, 2019
Vehicle Vs Electric Scooter Accident 7/20/19 @ 0810 hrs 1 July 20, 2019
Fully Involved Semi Fire on I-40 7/19/19 @ 1230 hrs 1 July 19, 2019
Vehicle into Ditch at Tingley Beach 7/19/19 @ 1215 hrs 1 July 19, 2019
Multiple Car Crash at the Big I 7/19/19 @ 1212 hrs 1 July 19, 2019
Reported Stabbing at SE. 7-11 Store 7/19/19 @ 0440 hrs 2 July 22, 2019
Stabbing on East ABQ Bike Path 7/18/19 @ 1715 hrs 1 July 18, 2019
Suspicious Device Found at Local Walmart 7/18/19 @ 1530 hrs 1 July 18, 2019
BCSO Pursuit Forces Closure of Freeway 7/18/19 @ 1400 hrs 1 July 18, 2019
Vehicle Hits US Marshal at Mall 7/18/19 @ 1100 hrs 3 July 18, 2019
Semi Vs Vehicle on I-40 7/18/19 @ 1150 hrs. 1 July 18, 2019
2nd Semi Crash on I-40 W/B 7/18/19 @ 1130 hrs 1 July 18, 2019
Freeway Crash involving Semis on Westside 7/18/19 @ 1055 hrs 2 July 18, 2019
Suspicious Death inside Vehicle on Westside 7/18/19 @ 0930 hrs 1 July 18, 2019
Mobile Home Fire in South valley 7/17/19 @ 2130 hrs 5 July 18, 2019
Vehicle Rollover Possibly on Fire 7/17/19 @ 2120 hrs 1 July 18, 2019
Child Locked in Car in Uptown Area 7/17/19 @ 1840 hrs 3 July 18, 2019
3 Csr Crash on the Freeway 7/17/19 @ 1710 hrs 2 July 17, 2019
Aggravated Assault by Walmart. 7/17/19 @ 1230 hrs 1 July 17, 2019
Injury Accident with Occupants Trapped in Vehicle 7/17/19 @ 1030 hrs 1 July 17, 2019
Working Apartment Complex Fire 7/16/19 @ 1930 hrs 2 July 17, 2019
Flash Flood Conditions Exists 7/16/19 @ 1730 hrs 1 July 16, 2019