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This website is dedicated to keeping the community informed of incidents relating to crime, traffic, weather, or anything else that might affect the safety of those within the community. Although this is not a social media site, we would really like for you to participate by posting topics or replies. The degree of general safety within a community depends large in part on the participation of the very same individuals who live there. We strongly encourage all those who care about the safety of this community to interact with this site. The ways you can interact with this site include reading topics posted by others, responding to topics with questions or additional information, posting your own topics, viewing topics on the site’s map, and searching topics based on criteria such as date, type of incident, etc. Topics are organized by category. When you select a category for the topic you are posting, do your best to select the category that most closely matches what you know about the incident at the time you post about it. However, do not worry too much about whether the category you are selecting is the best category at the time you post. There are admins and moderators on the site who can review your topic once it is posted and either suggest a change for you to make or make the change themselves. Changes to topics include placing the topic in a different category, among other things. We hope this site helps those within our community live safer lives as a result of your participation on the site. We invite you to contact administration at [email protected] with any questions or concerns you might have about the site.

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